It’s a new year, with new ambitions for our work at the Minnesota legislature. Last week, we put out a call to those who want to see the number of medical cannabis producers increase, and are excited to have gained a few new partnerships. We have not yet met our minimum fundraising goal for 2022, and still need your support. Please consider making a donation here, or contact [email protected] for a mailing address.

2022 will be a challenging year at the legislature, but we still intend to put forth a robust legislative effort. The following initiatives will be included in our advocacy work:

  • Reducing the medical cannabis patient registration fee. (TBA)
  • Improving patient protections to include damages for violations by employers of anti-discrimination clauses, an affirmative criminal defense, (HF907/SF2443) and restoring the Second Amendment rights of patients. (HF435)
  • Increasing the number of medical cannabis manufacturers, with a focus on promoting local, in-state companies. (TBA)
  • Providing protection to patients under correctional supervision for their participation in the medical cannabis program and authorizing use of medical cannabis. (HF1020/SF2084)
  • Decriminalizing the personal possession of cannabis “mixtures” (concentrates, edibles, tinctures, etc.) and expunging petty misdemeanor records. (HF1355/SF2348)
  • Legalizing cannabis for adult-use. (HF600/SF757)

Additionally, we offer our support to the hemp industry for legislation addressing the regulation of hemp derived cannabinoid products, correcting the statutory language that created the Loveless decision, and allowing for and regulating the use of cannabinoids in hemp derived products.

We are already at work meeting with stakeholders and legislators to identify achievable priorities this session. Please consider a contribution to support our work. If you have any questions on our efforts, please feel free to reach out to [email protected].