What’s involved in being a host?

A host is responsible for making the pitch for support—explaining to their guests why they financially support Sensible Change Minnesota, and then asking the guests to join them in supporting the organization (we will help you in choreographing this pitch pre-party). The host should therefore be a donor to Sensible Change Minnesota, as a pitch

What’s in it for me and my guests?

You and your guests will have the opportunity to get involved in making real change in Minnesota promoting compassion, restorative justice, and public health, and participate in an engaging discussion about this topic and the future of cannabis legalization in Minnesota.

What’s in it for Sensible Change Minnesota?

Beyond raising funds and having the opportunity to meet a new group of potential supporters of our work, house parties are a great way for fostering community connection. By throwing a party for us, you and your guests are supporting the work and mission of the organization.

Who should I invite?

Family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, folks in other groups you are a part of—anyone who you think would care or be interested in learning about the mission of Sensible Change Minnesota. Also, keep in mind that although having some folks who already know Sensible Change Minnesota in attendance is helpful for getting others excited, the main

Should I have a co-host?

A co-host’s primary purpose is to expand and diversify your guest list along with helping to plan and prep. If you have a great space but not a large guest list or a great list but a studio apartment, then co-hosting may be an excellent idea.

How many people should I invite?

Figure out how many people fit comfortably in the party space. Invite four times as many people as you hope will attend. We know this sounds crazy, but this equation has been tested and found to hold up.

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